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Rental Car For Your Next Vacation and Save

Rental Car For Your Next Vacation and Save Big Bucks

Worried About Taking That Flight? Why Not Rent Your Next Vacation? Rent a Car, R.V., Camper or Boat.  Could possibly be the perfect solution to a difficult situation.

2020 has been a pretty traumatizing year so far, predominantly because of the spread of Covid-19. However, the world is being reset slowly. People are more cautious than ever.

This doesn’t suggest we can go back to our old lives again. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t travel either. Needless to say, many of us are scared to fly, surrounded by a lot of people in a closed space.

If you resonate with this, you shouldn’t bury your traveling plans. Instead, you can rent a car and travel with your peace of mind intact. Here’s why you should look into a rental car without any hesitation.

Rental Car Companies Clean Everything

In order to secure public health, car rental companies are taking extra measures to make their vehicles virus-free. According to, car rental companies such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo Rent A Car use an enhanced cleaning procedure.

The cleaning process includes wiping cars’ interiors such as dashboard, steering column, and wheel, cup holders, etc. with recommended disinfectants.

Social Distancing Is Applied To Rental Car Company Employees As Well

Rental Car companies are always keeping an eye out for CDC and local government guidelines to stop the further spread of the virus.

Most of them train their employees to use safe hand washing methods, effective products, make behavioral changes, etc.

The companies have also managed to provide personal protective equipment for their front line associates.

Introduction Of Safety Seals.

Car rental companies begin to introduce safety seals for everybody’s convenience. For instance, Hertz places a “Gold Standard Clean” seal on the driver’s side of the door.

This seal is placed after a thorough 15-point sanitation and cleaning process that is carried out according to CDC guidelines.

This way when you rent a car, there should be no doubt the safety of the vehicle

Rental Car For Your Next Vacation and Save! Up to 50%Off

The Promise Of Going Touch Less.

During Covid-19, more and more new methods are being introduced to compensate for public safety. According to Barton, a former rental car executive states that fogging the vehicles with antibacterial mist will be implemented in the near future.

This is the exact same method that is used by airlines for planes.  He further adds that these highly efficient portable systems will be a part of vehicle cleaning.  Moreover, the interactions will be minimal between the renter and the customer.

For instance, Silvercar by Audi has already implemented a service where the customers can get delivered a car to a location and hand it over at the end of the day by letting the company pick it up

A Rental Car Is Cheaper Than Ever

According to a study conducted by RateGain, companies are offering low services due to the Covid-19. One company has offered 50% off coupons to its customers during the pandemic.

However, obviously, with time when the market goes back to its former glory, the prices will go up.

According to, no matter what the future holds, your rental vehicle will be much safer, cleaner, and cheaper.


After this fatal pandemic, being skeptical about renting a car will be a part of the customers’ minds. However, it is worth noting that most car rental companies do their best to dwindle the spread of the virus.

Therefore, rent a car from a responsible company and fulfill your COVID travel needs.