Discover the Beauty of the Onsen in Japan

Onsen (hot spring in Japanese) are hot springs full of natural minerals that offer a relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experience. Japan’s hot spring culture is rich and unique, even featuring onsen tamago, where an egg is slowly cooked in its shell in the hot spring waters.

With many of Japan’s onsen boasting surreal views, where better to catch the first sunrise of the new year for some good luck? Ranging from baths where you can watch the sunrise over the Pacific framed by Mount Fuji to hot springs amid ethereal, misty mountains, warm up this winter in one of Japan’s six most spectacular onsen.

Discovering Finland

Discovering Finland Finland is a hidden gem tucked into the far up North. It is a treasure waiting to be discovered. You will find thousands of reasons to fall in love with Finland; the people, arctic adventures and secrets. And four distinct seasons that continue to call you back. When you think you have seen [...]
Flight Attendants Reveal What Airlines Don't Want Us To Know

What Airlines Don’t Want Us To Know

Flight Attendants Reveal What Airlines Don't Want Us To Know Ever wonder how often they clean the inside of a plane or where the food really comes from? After years of experience in the industry, flight attendants have seen it all and are ready to spill all of the secrets they've learned. Since flying is [...]

Magical Destinations In the US

Magical Destinations In the US. The world is full of destinations that look like there are part of somebody’s dream. Whether it’s the enchanted town in Switzerland or incredible mountains in Romania there’s so much splendor that seems too beautiful to be real.

The Flightmare Before Christmas

The Flightmare Before Christmas

How to Avoid The Christmas Insanity   As the holiday season quickly approaches, travelers need to take action now to avoid a Flightmare before Christmas event.  The airports and airlines have made significant policy changes and travelers beware. According to a FlightGurus travelers, Mr. Joshua Jameson, Holiday Season travel has all the makings of what [...]
Realistic Flight Savings Guide -

Realistic Flight Savings Guide

The Realistic Flight Savings Guide that covers an honest method for how to find the best airfare deals in 2021 at Historically, Flights have been the biggest expense when planning a trip. Especially when purchasing international airfare. However, when using a realistic flight savings guide, the right tools and some flexibility, you can book the best airline deals, any day of the year.

6 Must-See Destinations in Melbourne, Australia

6 Must-See Destinations in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is one of the three main cities that everyone must visit at least once during their lifetime and once you arrive, you will find that you will simply not stop moving until it is finally time for you to reluctantly return home. While visiting Melbourne, you will find yourself wandering around the numerous neighborhoods, imbibing on delectable cuisine, stopping at multiple attractions, and possibly even attending a sporting event or two.

Incredible Stargazing DestinationsWhere Social Distancing and Stargazing Meet

8 Incredible Stargazing Destinations

8 Incredible Stargazing Destinations. With social distancing being the main concern these days, Stargazing is an option that allows you to engage with the world and all it still has to offer. Not only is Stargazing available to anyone that can look up to the sky but is also free every day of the year. Stargazing is something that can be done alone, with the whole family, in groups, small or larger or together with someone you love. Stargazing together can be romantic, free and in this over-digitized age of ours can make you delightfully disconnected, leaving you and your loved one free to reconnect with each other. So, pack up your stargazing kit and let Mother Nature take your breath away. Here are 8 incredible stargazing destinations everyone is sure to enjoy.


Fabulous Coconut Garden Beach Resort

Want to get away from it all ? Coconut Garden Beach Resort in Indonesia in the island of Flores, one of Indonesia’s eastern islands, is an undiscovered jewel where time stands still. Far from the commercialized landscape that you’ll see in way too many areas of the country, Flores is a nature lover’s heaven

COVID-19 Strategy For Airlines

COVID-19 Strategy For Airlines

COVID-19 Strategy For Airlines The airline industry has taken on a new strategy for airline passengers experience and safety. Understandably, the COVID-19 pandemic brought most travel to a halt, creating significant turbulence in the airline industry. As airlines continue to respond to daunting new challenges, they remain focused on maintaining customer trust and paving the [...]