Innovating Safety Solutions

Innovating Safety Solutions for Travelers

Innovating Safety Solutions for Travelers

As the current coronavirus disease, COVID-19, continues its devastating march across the globe, travel by air, land and sea has been curtailed. Hopefully, the pandemic ceases to be the foremost concern on our minds and brings us all back together, celebrating with family and friends.  Most of us are itching to get out of the house, to travel, well….just about anywhere. Many will leap forward upon hearing the first “All’s clear” bell, while others will be hesitant due to fear or uncertainty.

Fortunately, a forward-thinking Texas based company, Modern Hygiene Solutions can provide travelers and consumers alike, technology built to assist in safeguarding our health. Products developed to aid in destroying those nasty, greedy germs that ravage the human body. Modern Hygiene Solutions believes “Technology has evolved. Hygiene hasn’t. We’re overdue for an update”.

Modern Hygiene Solutions provides tools developed to improve the hygiene of your home, devices, vehicle, office, and even travel. These low cost, high-tech solutions will save you time and help you protect what matters most eliminating the dangerous contained in the dirt and diseases you can’t see.

One of these innovation products is “Paper Soap” meant for on the go hand washing. This brilliantly simple product can be used anywhere and especially useful for those intending to travel. Its small size fits conveniently in your purse, glove compartment or hand luggage. Just pull a piece of paper-thin soap from the travel container, add water, lather, and rinse.

Handwashing is more effective than hand sanitizer, which doesn’t kill some common germs. Even after using hand sanitizer, you can be infected with some of the most common stomach bugs including Norovirus, Cryptosporidium, and Clostridium difficile (C-diff). The Portable Paper soap lets you wash your hands – or anything else – wherever you have access to water and a sink

 “Technology has evolved. Hygiene hasn’t. We’re overdue for an update”.

Another incredibly useful product is the UV Lightbox (my personal favorite). This UV Lightbox provides hospital grade disinfection by the use of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). UVC light offers a chemical-free way to disinfect surfaces and objects, including killing bacterial spores. It has been proven to inactivate viruses known for surface transmission, including severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. It can disinfect phones, masks, jewelry, toothbrushes, baby teethers and toys and far too many items to list. Several of the Gurus behind have tested these products. The official endorsement was unanimous.  The UV Lightbox is THE 2020 product of the year.

Innovating Safety Solutions for Travelers Q & A

In an interview with one of the founders of Modern Hygiene Solutions, Courtney Sturniolo a self-proclaimed germaphobe, offered additional useful information and great advice on cleaning essentials for the home and travelers.

Disinfecting Travel Advise

When I get on an airplane, the first thing I do is disinfect my seat. I used to do this with bleach wipes, but it turns out I was using them incorrectly. I didn’t know that a typical disinfecting wipe has to keep the surface wet for four minutes to sterilize. I was wiping my seat belt, tray table, arm rests, and entertainment equipment once – and I had no idea it wasn’t effective.

Now, I use our UV-C portable light wand for a more effective disinfection of my airplane seat. With just 5 swipes over each surface, it kills 99% of germs. It’s lightweight and fold-able, to easily fit in a handbag or luggage. When I get to my hotel, I use it to sanitize and sterilize hotel closets, toilets, remote controls, handles and surfaces. My entire journey is more sanitary!

My other travel go-to is our touch-less door and elevator opener. The level of bacteria on elevator buttons was measured as high as 40 times higher than on public toilet seats! And don’t get me started on door handles. Instead of pulling out my wand at every door, I use this handy little tool for safely opening doors and pressing elevator buttons without ever touching them. It’s great for hotels, convention centers, and just about everywhere outside the home, whether I am travelling or in my own community.

What travel items should you clean when you get home?

When I get home from a business trip – or preferably vacation! – I clean everything with UV-C Light to avoid transferring germs from the outside onto surfaces my family touches. I have a larger wand for home and a UV-C lightbox for my phone and small items, but I’m a little extra. The portable wand can effectively do the whole job.I specifically focus on surfaces I touched with my hands on the trip home: luggage handles, my phone, keys, credit cards, IDs, laptop, keyboard, and anything else. I use specialty wipes to disinfect leather, like my purse handles and wallet. We don’t carry that product yet, but I hope to bring it to Modern Hygiene Solutions in the near future!

Is UV-C light safe?

Using UV-C light for disinfection is safe when employed correctly. First and foremost, UV-C light should never be directed at skin, eyes, people, pets, or anything alive! Except bacteria, viruses, and other germs, of course. As long as UV-C disinfection products are used correctly, they present no danger.  We intentionally select products with safety features that prevent our customers from accidentally mis-using them. Our UV Lightbox, for example, immediately turns off if the box is opened during a disinfection cycle. The portable wand automatically turns off if it is turned upside down, to prevent damage to eyes and skin.

Like the team at FlightGurus, we care deeply for the health and safety of our customers and want to ensure that our products improve their life and hygiene. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share ways make your journey cleaner and safer!

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