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AMSTERDAM The capital and largest city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a treasured city that conjures up many iconic images including the picturesque canal system, thousands of bicycles buzzing about the cobblestone streets, colorful tulips in bloom, Heineken beer, the home of Anne Frank as well as classic architecture and fantastic art museums. Amsterdam   is [...]
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Discover Beautiful London

Serving as the cultural and political hub of the England’s capital city is massive. London is known as one of the largest cities and urban metropolitan areas in the European Union and is a true global city for its significance in the arts, fashion, education, finance, media and tourism.

This sprawling capital city is made up of a multitude of distinct villages, districts and neighborhoods. Located in the southeastern portion of England, London is centered on the River Thames, which snakes its way through the city with all the main attractions along either side of the river. London actually has two specific city centers, the commercial capital and the government capital. Often called the Square Mile, the original once-walled-in Roman city referred to as The City or City of London is the central point of the city’s commercial landscape.

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6 Free Overlooked Destinations

6 Free Overlooked Destinations There are few places in this world that can provide mankind the most powerful tools one may truly every need. Tools so powerful they lend anyone the ability to alter the past and change the future.  In most cases, this power is offered to all of us for free of charge.  [...]