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Australia has it all

Australia Has it All!

As the world’s largest island (and the smallest continent), Australia has so much to explore, from a relaxing beach vacation to excursions through the Tasmanian wilderness to diving, snorkeling and sailing the Great Barrier Reef.

Australia has over 30,000 miles of coastline and many amazing beaches, islands and reefs to explore. To see all that the infinite coastline has, many travelers embark on driving tours, like the Pacific Coast Touring Route that goes from Sydney to Brisbane or the Great Southern Touring Route that takes travelers into some of Australia’s beautiful national parks.

Australia has many opportunities for outdoor adventure. The island is home to the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef, located off the northeast coast.

Travelers to this incredible natural wonder can swim, snorkel, dive and sail to see the reef’s diverse marine life. There are many opportunities to explore the reef, and many tourism operators are available to help you do that.

Australia also has 550 national parks and 15 World Heritage-listed wonders, so any outdoor adventurer will be in excursion heaven when visiting.

Travelers looking for a city-based vacation can experience that side of Australia by heading to Sydney to see the world-famous Sydney Opera House, to Melbourne for a rich opera and ballet scene or to Perth to visit the city’s galleries and museums. A common thread connects Australia’s cities: creativity.

There are many theatres, art galleries and museums all over Australia along with dazzling restaurants and nightlife to accompany them. A visit to Australia can fulfill any traveler’s vacation wishes, as you really can do it all here.

Quick Facts
U.S. travelers: Valid passport needed for entry
Official language: English
Official currency: Australian dollar
Climate: Varies greatly depending on location, so travelers are encouraged to check local weather reports when traveling

CYCLONE SWELLS: Don’t miss out on Australia’s south-western shore action.