6 Must-See Destinations in Melbourne, Australia

6 Must-See Destinations
In Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is one of the three main cities that everyone must visit at least once during their lifetime and once you arrive, you will find that you will simply not stop moving until it is finally time for you to reluctantly return home.  While visiting Melbourne, you will find yourself wandering around the numerous neighborhoods, imbibing on delectable cuisine, stopping at multiple attractions, and possibly even attending a sporting event or two.

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The 6 Must-See Destinations in Melbourne, Australia

  1. The Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are located within the neighborhood of South Yarra and it is so easy to spend an entire day basking in the tranquility of this lush area.  I recommend beginning with a walk along the Australian Forest Walk before taking a break to smell the roses within the Rose Collection.  Picnic lunches can be enjoyed over at Ornamental Lake, although you may consider staying near the lake longer to take one of the guided tours.

  1. Little Penguin Colony

The Little Penguin Colony can be found over where the Penguin Parade takes place every night as the sun is setting in the sky.  These cute little creatures swim out of the water and walk along the sandy shoreline until they reach their sand dune burrows.  It is a natural event that happens every single day and it is quite the sight to see hundreds of penguins waddling along so close to where you are standing.

  1. Eureka Tower

The best panoramic views of Melbourne can be seen from the observation deck at Eureka Tower.  The observation deck can be found on the 88th floor and you can take one of the two elevators to reach that level rather quickly.  If you are feeling daring, you can venture a little further out from the Skydeck to The Edge, which is a glass floor that you stand on.  The latter is a little scarier, but the views of the area beneath you are always worth the heart-racing experience!

  1. Hosier Lane

Culture and art are everywhere on Hosier Lane and it is an easy walk from the banks of the Yarra River.  Bright and colorful murals line most of the walls, but every now and again, you will find a quickly drawn sketch or a piece that is just being started.  Tours of this area are often the best because you can learn more about how art is created. Make the most of the last day of your holiday (after check-out) or your first day (before check-in). Drop your bags at one of the nearby mindmybag luggage storage locations and join one of the tours.  Of crouse, you can walk around and explore on your own, just don’t forget to take your camera with you.

  1. The Royal Exhibition Building

The Royal Exhibition Building is full of history and you can see that history firsthand when you take the time to walk through what remains of this building.  The original building was built in 1880, but over the years, fires have destroyed everything but the main hall, the domed ceiling, and a few other smaller sections.  Once inside, take the time to truly appreciate the galleries, as well as the designs put in place by Joseph Reed, who was the architect.

  1. Queen Victoria Market

No one can spend time in Melbourne and not visit Queen Victoria Market!  This is one of the largest open-air markets in the entire world and it has been a place where the locals gather and shop since the 19th century.  It is easy to spend at least half a day wandering from stall to stall, as you purchase jewelry, clothes, and of course, food.  It is so easy to eat lunch at this market, thanks to all the fresh vegetables and traditional foods that are readily available.  People love sitting down and watching the locals go about their day because it is an excellent way to see how they shop and live.

While all six of these destinations must be at the top of your list of things to do, you may be wondering how in the world you can get to them all during your visit.  Well, I suggest that you take a ride on the Melbourne City Circle Tram.  The team has two daily services, which run clockwise and anti-clockwise, making it extremely easy to see all the areas mentioned above and much more.  This free service will have you learning more about everything that you are passing by and it is easy to hop off at any of the stops before getting back on to go to your next destination.

So, go out and have fun in Melbourne without a care in the world!