Holiday Away From Home This Year

Awesome Ideas on How To Holiday Away from Home

For anyone planning to holiday away from home this fall and winter, whether it is for the Thanksgiving or Christmas, FlightGurus is sharing its top tips to travel with confidence during COVID-19.

Travelers this fall and winter for the holidays or elsewhere need to change the normal mindset and think a little differently.


Keep it Simple

As concerns of controlled spread of COVID-19 in a travelers’ origin or destination is now the top consideration in determining whether to travel, it’s important to be mindful that there is a possibility that travel plans can change with little to no warning.

how to holiday away from home


Learn Force Majeure

Read the fine print. Search for flights that don’t charge additional fees due to mandatory changes.  In the legal world, cancelling a reservation due to a sudden COVID-19 outbreak or even a riot would be considered a “Force Majeure” Event.

Force Majeure is a clause in an agreement between two parties. Such as an Airline and a Passenger.

To explain further: A contractual force majeure clause is a provision in a contract allows parties to specifically enumerate the events which excuse performance under the contract.

The contracts contain a force majeure clause, most times the events are reserved for earthquakes, floods and other “acts of God”, however many also have additional qualifying events, such as epidemics, pandemics, health crisis, mandatory quarantined locations or even supply chain disruptions.

Most of us don’t take the time to read the fine print of hotel reservation or when booking an airline ticket.

We have always had the confidence in believing the only normal threat to consider is constraints imposed by the weather or issues that arose individually.

Cancellation due to a pandemic was the last if not never even considered point of contention when hitting the “Book” button.

Luckily, most airlines and/or hotels have taken the time to address these concerns for you.

If your contract includes a force majeure clause with any these terms, you will likely be able to break your contract.


Research Hotel Cleaning Policy

One-third of travelers say that safe accommodations at their travel destination will determine whether they travel this holiday season.  FlightGurus provides an enhanced cleaning search filter to make finding hotels and activities easy.

What Hotels are doing to keep you safe?
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Search Safe Flights

More than half of travelers who booked flights this holiday season (53%) said they are worried about flying right now. Airlines make it easy for you.

They notate in large print, the steps they have put into place to ensure passenger safety.

They have added badges, icons displaying masks, and, in most cases, the COVID-19 travel policy is listed in bold somewhere on the booking page.

Airlines have made it exceptionally easy to know which ones require masks, temperature checks and more.

Even though FlightGurus has seen signs that this holiday season will be different than in years past, we also see that holiday spirits are still high.

“Two-thirds of travelers have said they’ve been able to travel to see friends and family since COVID-19 started, and almost half say they’re feeling happy and calm about the upcoming holiday season.”


Search Book & Bounce!

To Book a Holiday Away from Home, we offer a ton of ideas for the whole family and COVID-19 travel tips and planning tools to have a holiday away from home.  Just check out the, Search Book & Bounce, Booking Tool.

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