Ibiza Facts

The stay at Ibiza Island is connected with many expenses. Of course, the budget is an individual matter, but there are things you cannot skip, if you are here for some real fun.

The cost of a night-stay varies from EUR 50 per room to several hundreds of euro a night at a five-star hotel or a luxurious complex.

The entrance fees to clubs in Ibiza like Space and Amnesia start at EUR 30 and reach EUR 100.

If you make an advance online purchase, the price can be even half lower. Drinks cost EUR 15-20 a glass, while water – about EUR 10.


The beach bars have more affordable prices, almost half cheaper.  When it comes to food, there are many options – from hamburgers and fries for EUR 5 to Mediterranean meals for EUR 30 at the restaurants,or you may simply go to the local supermarket and spend around EUR 15 for weekly food supplies.

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