Gold Coast Airport Car Rentals

What are my options for Gold Coast airport car rentals?

Most travellers head to the Gold Coast Airport car rentals section when they land, simply because hiring a vehicle is an easy and fast way to get around the area. The problem is knowing what type of car to hire, which likely depends on your immediate needs and your budget.


You can hire something small and compact, fast and zippy or a rugged 4WD that will take you into the outback for the trip of a lifetime! So let’s take a look at a range of different vehicles that are available at Gold Coast Airport car rentals, so you can make an informed decision.

Great options for car rentals gold coast airport

Sometimes fewer options is a good thing, but there’s an easy way to cut down your choices and that’s looking at the number of seats. So if you have a large family with you on your jaunt you’ll most probably need a vehicle that offers at least five seats. On the other hand, if you are alone or a couple, then you can opt for a small 4 seater hatchback or a fabulous sports car!


Here’s a quick overview of your options for Gold Coast Airport car rentals.

Large 7 seater SUVs 

When you hire a 7 seater SUV it will likely be a Mitsubishi Outlander or similar vehicle that’s just as sleek and stylish. These vehicles are great for large families as they are safe, reliable, comfortable and have good fuel economy. The Mitsubishi Outlander is spacious inside with an easily accessible third row of seats, whilst also having lots of cargo space. They also come with a touchscreen, smartphone app integration and climate control.

Medium 5 seater SUVs 

Designed for medium sized families, the Nissan X-Trail (or similar vehicle) is a popular rental because it’s comfortable and easy to drive. It also has lots of safety features, such as lane departure warnings, blind spot monitoring and forward collision warnings. The Nissan X-Trail is ideal for both on and off road driving, which is a bonus for your Aussie trip.

Large family size sedans

With five seats, but comfortably seating 4 people for long trips, the Toyota Camry (or similar vehicle) is a very practical and comfortable car with good fuel economy. It’s also one of the more popular of the Gold Coast Airport car rentals because it has plenty of leg room and cargo space, as well as a great sound system. The Camry also has a reversing camera, active braking, forward collision warning, lane assist, lane departure warning and much more.

Medium size sedans 

The Nissan Pulsar (or similar vehicle) also offers five seats, but you don’t have as much interior leg room as in the larger sedans. What you do have is more cargo space and enhanced interior versatility due to the 60/40 split that lets you carry lots of luggage or odd shaped packages in the back. Offering a comfortable ride and great fuel economy, the Nissan Pulsar is an affordable option for families.

Compact autos 

If you are looking for lots of cargo space, decent leg room and comfortable seats, then the 5 door Hyundai i20 (or similar vehicle) ticks all the boxes. This is a great car to zip around town in and is very easy to park. With a small 1.4L engine, it has excellent fuel economy, tight turning circle, responsive handling and good suspension. There’s also the 3 door Hyandai available if you want more luggage space in the back, but it does reduce easy access to the back seats. While the Hyundai comes with auto transmission, if you prefer a manual then there’s the Nissan Micra, either in a 4 door sedan or a 5 door hatch. 

Ford Mustangs

Gold Coast Airport car rentals also offer prestige sports cars for hire, most notably a range of Ford Mustangs. These high performance cars have powerful engines, super comfortable rides and a mix of retro and modern lines. Without a doubt, if you want to turn heads on your trip, a Ford Mustang ticks all the boxes.


  • Ford Mustang Coupe: If you want speed and performance, cruise control, ABS, A/C, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and a ten-speed transmission then this is the car for you! 
  • Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Litre Fastback Coupe: With powered front seats, great torque and flawless shifting, the Ford Mustang GT Coupe is the ultimate ride! This high performance prestige sports car is a delight to drive and its advanced driver assist technology makes it a fast, but very safe car for the family.
  • Ford Mustang Convertible: With impressive handling, retro aesthetic and a 4-cylinder engine, you have a sleek, fast ride but with great fuel efficiency. It’s also nimble and responsive and can stop on a dime. Drop the top and enjoy the fresh air as you take this awesome sports car out on the road!
  • Ford Mustang GT Convertible: With a 5L V8 engine and 10-speed auto transmission you can’t get any more stylish and powerful than the Ford Mustang GT convertible. If you’ve always wanted to drive a high performance sports car with a thunderous engine and all the bells and whistles, then head straight for the Gold Coast Airport car rentals and grab your keys!

BMW 220i M Sports

This classic and stylish soft top sports car is a dream to drive. With a soft leather interior, rear cameras, cruise control, GPS and A/C this is a little bit of luxury that keeps on giving! The BMW 220i M Sports vehicle is a very comfortable drive with adaptive suspension, responsive steering, smooth turns and an 8-speed auto transmission that’s flawless. The soft top makes this sports car ideal for a sunny day cruising down the freeway and leaving everyone else in your rear view mirror.

Mini Cooper Convertible

If you really want to go retro, then the Mini Cooper Convertible is your ride! This iconic car from the 60s has had a major overhaul with a 7-speed dual clutch system designed by BMW. It’s now recognised as a luxury car with ABS, cruise control, A/C and an auto drop down soft top. The Mini Cooper Convertible is a fun car to drive and with great fuel economy and a level of comfort that’s underrated, it’s a luxury car with a big heart!

Pickups and drop offs for Gold Coast Airport car rentals

Organising your Gold Coast Airport car rentals before you arrive ensures that you don’t have to opt for second best and can get the car of your dreams! Most car rentals will pick you up at the terminal and take you to their nearby office where you can complete the paperwork and drive away in your rental. Drops offs are just as easy, because after giving them a call to organise a drop off time, you simply reverse the process.